Fraud on the Rise: What’s Motivating the Trend & How Transfix Is Helping Fight It

Over the past several years the transportation industry has observed an increased sophistication of fraudulent actors attempting to hijack truckload shipments by hacking carrier emails and load board credentials and other electronic processes. This industry has seen these actors developing means to duplicate proofs of delivery (POD) in a manner that a trained eye would not likely catch.  

While cargo theft has historically troubled the transportation industry, research has found reports of transportation fraud increasing relative to past years. CargoNet recently reported that in Q2 2023 there was a 57% increase in fraud events as compared to Q2 2022. What sets today’s fraudsters apart is their being in large regional and national groups and their ability to manipulate the very data used by the industry to route, ship, and receive products.

How Transfix is Helping Catch and Prevent Fraud 

As fraud in the industry has increased, Transfix is responding with new features to help assure carriers they are not being scammed and keep shippers’ freight secure. With our new load authentication, mobile app features, and partnership with Highway, we provide our partners a more secure environment for the shipment of goods.

Transfix Rate Confirmations introduce QR Code Verification 

When carriers receive a rate confirmation from Transfix, they will now find a unique QR code prominently displayed on the document. Scanning the QR code using a smartphone camera will take users to a verification page confirming the relevant shipment as a Transfix load, and not generated by an imposter.

Carriers will be able to validate the Transfix rate confirmation by checking that their verification page includes “” in the url and that the pick up and drop off details match Transfix’s rate confirmation. If a carrier receives a rate confirmation from a fraudster posing as Transfix, the rate confirmation will either not have a QR code, or have a QR code that does not scan, generates inaccurate shipping details, or directs the user to a landing page not containing “” in the url.

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Transfix Carrier Mobile App Increases Load Visibility

Staying informed throughout a load’s life cycle is crucial for your business. That’s why the Transfix Carrier Mobile App offers more visibility into your shipments than ever before. From pickup to delivery, you can now easily track your load's progress, helping you remain in control every step of the way:

  • Update Truck Details: Drivers can update truck, trailer, and VIN assignment details for their loads to be easily identified when arriving at a loading dock or facility.
  • Driver Status Update: We’ve improved the accuracy of user-entered check-in, check-out, and ETA status updates so there are fewer check calls and you can focus on the road.
Improved Carrier Vetting with Highway Partnership

Transfix has established a strategic partnership with Highway, a leading provider of carrier credentialing information. Using Highway gives us quick access to additional curated information about carriers in our network and those seeking to join that was not previously available, helping us in evaluating qualifications while simultaneously streamlining the onboarding process. The use of Highway is another arrow in our quiver in identifying fraud risk and promoting a more secure shipping environment for all parties involved.

Over the next few months, the Transfix team will remain proactive in seeking to identify and reduce the risk of carrier fraud, and we expect to be releasing new and exciting features you can benefit from. Check back on our site for more information as they launch. If you are a carrier and would like to download the Transfix Carrier Mobile App, please click here.