The Women of Henkel Join The Transfix Take Podcast


Transfix Take Podcast Women Leading the 'Chain at Henkel'
On this two-part special edition episode of the Transfix Take Podcast, Henkel’s Jessy Ceron (Outbound Transportation Manager), Maryann Ramirez (Customer Logistics Manager), and Emily Aktar (Senior Customer Logistics Analyst) discuss the roads to their career achievements, including overcoming the challenges women face, champions that have helped them along the way, and humble beginnings. 


The two-part special edition episode covered a variety of topics including:

  • Women rising up the ladder in the supply chain
  • The importance of women who advocate for each other
  • Emily entering the supply chain at one of the most volatile times
  • Tips on how to achieve leadership roles
  • How the investment of DEI initiatives at Henkel provides the opportunity for growth and skill development

Listen to the two-part episode here:

Part I:

Part II:

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