Get Ahead of the Curve

Trucking and logistics are cyclical, and numerous factors can introduce volatility into that cycle—from economic factors to tariffs, Coronavirus and even the weather. While timing these cycles is difficult, the signs of when peaks and valleys occur—along with the tightening of the market associated with these moves—can be identified if shippers have a more complete view of the freight market.

However, according to a recent study conducted by FreightWaves, in partnership with Transfix, most shippers only view market trends and patterns through the lens of their own data, which only provides a partial view of what is happening in the market—making it difficult to identify these cycles and forecast volatility until it has already begun to occur. As we look to 2020, most shippers are confident about their transportation budgets, but with the market at a natural bottom, now is the time to learn from prior storms in the market and take steps to prepare for the future.

Join us as we feature insights from Carol Park, Head of Enterprise Business for Transfix, and Kevin Hill, Director of Research for FreightWaves, who will explore:

• Key findings from our recent shipper survey that suggest a tightening market despite elevated
shipper confidence
• How to benchmark your data to allow for flexible capacity during times of market volatility
• Ways to bring stability to your transportation costs

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Get Ahead of the Curve Webinar